Invoice Finance

Your business needs cash.

Let us release cash into your business from your current & outstanding invoices


Nothing hampers your business more than waiting for money. Excellent liquidity and speedy receipt of payments are now distinguishable competitive advantages and can give you a more solid business performance. Invoice Finance – or factoring – can help you to improve your cash flow performance.

  • Up to 90% cash advance
  • Flexible cost effect terms
  • Collections: saving you time
  • Single Invoice Finance options


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Would you like to have more financial freedom?

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Invoice Finance – how it works

Invoice Finance, also known as factoring or invoice discounting, allows you to identify key debtors that you need instant payment from. This enables you to augment your cash flow to move your business forward.


GRENKE Invoice Finance specialises in helping your cash to flow by financing your invoices owed by your debtors. We are the leading bank-independent Invoice Finance company in Ireland and it is our customer service, flexibility and user-friendly online portal that sets us apart from other factoring companies. When it comes to Invoice Finance in Ireland, we are the go-to partners.

Our Cash Collection Service

If you do not need a cash advance through Invoice Finance but you would like to avail of the other benefits that GRENKE can offer, we can supply a simple cash collection service. We collect payments from your customers, issue reminder letters and follow up non-payment with our collection processes and legal team. Contact us for further details.


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The GRENKE Cashflow Optimizer

New to Invoice Finance? Not sure if you want, or need, to get fully involved? Try our Single Invoice Finance tool, which will be coming soon. GRENKE Invoice Finance is fast, easy and simple to use. Upload the invoice you want us to finance and we take care of it within 24 hours (T&C apply).

Not sure how Invoice Finance helps your business? Contact us for a non-binding offer.