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GRENKE’s management in Ireland offers expertise and experience from a wide range of fields. That helps customers, partners and stakeholders to discover new horizons.

GRENKE Management team in Ireland

GRENKE is represented in Ireland with two business units and thus with two separate companies: GRENKE Limited, for leasing and GRENKE Invoice Finance for invoice financing.

Justin Twiddy

Managing Director GRENKE Limited

Justin joined GRENKE in 2012 as Dublin Branch Manager having previously held a number of senior positions in the IT sector. With solid and diverse experience behind him, Justin has a strong background in sales management, business development and a passion for leadership. He was appointed Managing Director for GRENKE Limited in 2015. Since taking the helm he has delivered strong growth and has built a talented team around him. Justin’s mission is to provide financial solutions that meet the particular needs and challenges facing SME’s in Ireland today. His experience in asset finance, dedication to outstanding service and, ability to leverage team capabilities continue to help our customers realise their ambitions.

Yvonne Coleman

Managing Director GRENKE Invoice Finance

Yvonne has been with GRENKE in Ireland since 2016. Working her way up through various positions within the company to Managing Director of GRENKE Invoice Finance in 2023. She has a permanent enthusiasm for growth and expansion of GRENKE Invoice Finance in the Irish market. Her focus is on recognising the needs and requirements of SME’s and delivering quality service and understanding with local and talented teams countrywide.

GRENKE Limited

Dublin: Suite 306, Q-House, Furze Road, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin D18 CP83

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +353 1 292 3400

Donal Galvin

Head of Direct Sales
Phone: +353 87 794 9477

Rob McAuley

Direct Sales Manager
Phone: +353 87 397 0900

David O'Toole

Direct Sales Manager
Phone: +353 87 266 5917

Lynn O'Brein

Head of Indirect Sales
Phone: +353 86 122 2836

Emma Broderick

External Sales Manager
Phone: +353 87 7770234

Emmet Kehoe

External Sales Manager
Phone: +35387 4176464

David Kelly

External Sales Manager
Phone: +353 87 3494859

Garry McGuinness

External Sales Manager
Phone: +353 869572790

Vincent Morrissey

External Sales Manager
Phone: +353 87 3358957

William Day

External Sales Manager
Phone: +353 86 03338597

GRENKE Invoice Finance

Unit 508 Q-House, Furze Road, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +353 1 297 1060

Emma Maguire

Business Development Manager
Phone: +353 87 609 5294

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