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Want to make it easier to plan your short-term and medium-term liquidity, despite high costs of goods sold and challenging receivables management? GRENKE has the perfect solutions.

Wholesale and retail make up the beating heart of the Irish economy. Are you well placed to tackle the challenges that the future holds in the retail sector?


Your customers expect top quality at all times, along with exceptional supply capability and flexible payment options. The problem is that all of this costs money and ties up liquidity, which is a critical factor in retail in particular, where margins are often razor-thin.

GRENKE offers the right products and personal financial consulting for retail. With attractive leasing, we make it easier for your customers to make the decision to buy.


Convenient Invoice Finance helps to ensure a steady flow of money into the tills. It’s easy, tailor made and on excellent terms. Talk to GRENKE today about your retail leasing and Invoice Finance requirements.

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Many leading retail companies already rely on products and financial consulting from GRENKE. One example is when they need leasing for epos systems and office communications. Improved liquidity and easier planning are the results. When shall we get started?

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No matter what your needs, our solution-finder will help you to find a service that fits your company perfectly.

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Nowadays, effective warehouse logistics and thus the ability to deliver the required quantities on time with minimal capital tie-up are essential. This requires a substantial degree of automation and the necessary liquidity. GRENKE will help you with leasing.

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What makes retail what it is? One thing in particular: an endless array of customer needs and ultimately countless little requirements that take up a lot of your time. Time that you should be devoting to working on your ideas. With Invoice Finance, you can give yourself the freedom you need.


Your needs are unique, and so is our financial consulting.

Do you have a very special request? Let’s talk about it. We’ll be happy to take care of you in person.

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