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Become a reseller

What if you could offer more opportunities and potential to your customer? How? It’s easy: just become a GRENKE reseller.

Many specialist dealers offer their customers a range of financing options as an additional service. They are easy to integrate and offer a wealth of benefits for gaining and retaining customers.

Is this something that you have ever thought about? If so, now is the time to become a GRENKE reseller.

One partnership, many benefits

Nothing can go wrong when you have the right reseller on your side. You can see here how things go right instead.


Your designated contact person will be there for you at any time.


You can have just the right financing ready and waiting for every customer.


We’ll adjust the terms to suit you.


Signing leasing and rental agreements made easy with eSignature.

Your challenges – our solutions

Whatever your industry, we have the ideal solution for you.

Sales Support

Many customers are trying to find alternatives to conventional purchasing. With our solution, you can offer leasing and rental.

Managed Service

Offer your customers financing and services under one roof and with just one invoice.

Advanced Financing

Do you have a major project? Our financing solutions for resellers will give you some attractive terms.

How to become a reseller

Convinced? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to working with you!

Find a branch

Find a GRENKE office near you.

Select a location

You will be shown the relevant contact details.

Get in touch

Your contact person will be happy to help.

Find a branch

Find a GRENKE office near you.

Select a location

You will be shown the relevant contact details.

Get in touch

Your contact person will be happy to help.

Less time on admin, more time with customers

Writing quotes and drawing up contracts take time – time that you would much rather spend taking care of your customers. We have the perfect solution to allow you to do just that.

The GRENKE partner portal

Our partner portal cuts down on all the red tape involved in processing financing. Simply calculate quotes and submit requests online. You’ll have our response in a matter of minutes. You can then put the finishing touches to your customers’ contracts straight away. You can also view the status of your contracts at any time, giving you more time to focus on the things that are really important.


Draw up the contract in the morning and have it signed and returned by lunchtime. Too good to be true? Not with an eSignature.

Signatures that save time and money

With eSignature, you can save time for both your customers and yourself. Contracts can easily be signed online – there’s no need to arrange an entire meeting just to sign a piece of paper. Find out more about eSignature and related features.

Being successful calls for strong partnerships

We have already accumulated plenty of experience in our line of work. That’s why we know what counts – forging close and long-lasting partnerships.

Hand in hand with you

When we work with resellers, we have one goal in mind: successful relationships that will stand the test of time. Close collaboration is essential in achieving that goal.

We are always here for you, ready to offer the necessary expertise in person. After all, we can accomplish more if we work together.

Get to know our products

Whether you use them yourself or offer them to your customers is entirely up to you. Find out more about our products.