Could technology hold the key to success for your business and give it that elusive competitive advantage? It just might – these days businesses in every single sector need to consider tech within their organisation. Investing in the upgrade of your equipment and technology could give your business a significant boost. It can be an expensive outlay and it’s worth looking at the leasing option instead of outright purchase. That’s where GRENKE can help as with informed financial advice and assistance. Over the years, our slogan – ‘Fast. Forward. Finance.’ – has made us one of the leading providers in the Irish market.

Depending on your business sector, an upgrade could take different forms. The area of data collection might be important to you which could make the internet of things (IoT) truly relevant to your business. Information is often key to success and early adopters will gain an advantage which will give them a sustainable edge over the competition.

Perhaps the user experience (UX) is an area which could make the critical difference to your customers. There is an emerging change in behaviour away from how a product or service performs, focusing instead on how it makes people feel. This makes the user experience absolutely crucial and technology can help you tailor your offering.

Automating processes is another way to effect digital transformation. Technology is capable of automating back-office functions, making workflows much better, quicker and more cost effective. A customer relationship management system could transform your systems and cutting out any lapses between on and off site workers. 
Once you’ve identified where technology and equipment upgrade can have the maximum impact on your business and deliver competitive advantage, it’s time to think about financing that investment. One popular option is leasing which has many advantages over an outright purchase. There’s no single large capital outlay putting pressure on cashflow, instead it’s a planned regular payment which is incorporated into your operation. When you are leasing, you have the freedom to choose top of the range equipment and technology and have the confidence of knowing you can upgrade when and if you want – no chance of being stuck with obsolete equipment as technology develops. Sometimes repair and maintenance are included in the lease agreement which is a very reassuring situation where you don’t need to worry about an unexpected outlay at any point.

If your business is interested in securing or strengthening its competitive position through upgrading technology or equipment, don’t delay, talk to GRENKE today. We’ll help you make it happen.