No time like the present - investing in your business in 2022

Despite the challenges of recent years, there’s a sunny economic forecast for 2022 which means it’s an excellent time to look at investing in your business. Most predictions show a strong year of recovery from the virus-induced slump of the past 12 months. Make sure your business is optimally placed to take advantage of upcoming opportunities by talking to GRENKE today about finance for leasing or other options for assets such as business equipment and computers.

IBEC, Ireland’s largest lobby and business representative group, published its Quarterly Economic Outlook in December which says that the Irish economy is going through a period of exceptional growth, despite the backdrop of Covid. IBEC forecasts a healthy growth rate of 6% for 2022 with unemployment dropping quickly to pre-Covid levels.

Most business sectors are described as robust so no matter what area your business is in, it’s worth looking at your options for growth in 2022. Thankfully, government schemes such as the Employer Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) remain in place to give support where needed. The Irish economy continues to see rapid demand growth and a combination of income growth and significant savings mean that consumer fundamentals will remain strong in 2022.

However, alongside rapid economic growth, ongoing cost and competitiveness pressures are casting a shadow. Global trends of rising energy costs, ongoing supply chain disruption and a tight labour market are challenges for all sectors. Brexit also continues to influence the Irish economy. 

In Ireland, our ability to deal with upcoming shocks and changes relies on improving productivity, adopting new technology, innovating, and upskilling. This is where timely investment in your business can transform its prospects and future through innovative tech, digital investment, or cutting-edge equipment upgrades.

GRENKE is one of the leading asset financial service providers in the Irish market and offers fast and flexible financial solutions through a range of services including leasing and invoice finance. Over the last 40 years, GRENKE has provided leasing to numerous styles of businesses and organisations; sole traders, partnerships, public and private limited companies, associations, and organisations, medical,
health, and educational providers, municipalities, public hospitals, semi-state institutions, Government bodies and so much more. Take a positive step for your business and click here to talk to GRENKE today.