Technology and innovations in veterinary practices 

The veterinary industry is not immune to the technological advances sweeping the business world. Wearable devices, virtual care, 3-D printing, and biomarker and genetic testing are just some of the innovations transforming the veterinary world as we know it. “Artificial intelligence and other digital tools won’t replace a veterinarian, but they will replace a practitioner who doesn’t use them,” asserts Aaron Massecar, who is assistant director of the Translational Medicine Institute at Colorado State University.
That’s quite a sobering statement for traditional veterinary practices. Essentially, he’s saying that technological change isn’t a choice, it’s essential for your practice to survive. The good news is that GRENKE Leasing has both the industry experience and financial solutions to make the transition easy for you with equipment leasing and technology leasing.
These breakthrough changes and technological advances also help provide the best care for your patients. They have also improved your practice’s bottom line. Irish practices which have embraced technology are thriving and expanding, adding on consultation rooms and hiring more staff.

Wearable Medical Devices 

The use of wearable devices is literally exploding – including everything from GPS trackers and motion sensors to Bluetooth, cameras, and transmitters. Ironically, the early forms, which were basic GPS trackers, focused on a single issue – not losing a dog. 
Now, they have evolved into ‘smart’ collars incorporating sensors. They can monitor all sorts of health and behaviour attributes – heart rate, temperature, respiration rate, and activity levels. Now it’s part of the big data area and has become a useful diagnostic tool. These tools allow analytics can be run on thousands of users simultaneously. 

Biomarker Tools

According to Todays Veterinary Business big data is making its impact in veterinary technology, as vets are able to intervene at an earlier stage to manage diseases. Instead of waiting for an owner to notice something is wrong with their pet, this becomes a predictive tool, monitoring data for markers in chronic kidney disease in cats for example. If CKD is picked up earlier, much less kidney function is lost, and intervention occurs much earlier, potentially changing the outcome for the patient. 

DNA Tests
The game-changer here is that multiple genetic conditions can be tested for with just one blood sample. Knowing a cat or dog may be more likely to develop certain conditions or diseases. This means the veterinarian can create a customised health plan for your pet. 

Virtual Care

Could telemedicine be the way forward? Perhaps. A 2019 survey in the USA showed that 56% of pet owners would use the option and increase visits to the vet. However, just over a third of veterinary professionals said it was something they would offer. 

3-D Printing

Exciting possibilities for the veterinary equipment industry include orthotics and prosthetics. It is early days, but the potential is very broad.
Additionally, pet owners are becoming familiar with the opportunities available for their pets. They are more open than ever to procedures such as total hip replacements, ligament repairs, and other advanced procedures. Pets are valued members of the family. People are happy to pay for what they consider to be essential care as has been the case in the US for some years. 
In general, this is an exciting time to be involved in the veterinary profession and fortune looks set to favour the brave. Many organisations have found alternative methods of financing when it comes to acquiring these veterinary technologies and equipment. 
Take the steps your practice needs to be part of this cutting-edge technology and talk to GRENKE Leasing about funding your expansion. These developments and advances in animal health and veterinary medicine offer immense potential for practice growth. Don’t let your practice miss the boat.

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