Businesses have always seen the need to protect themselves using the latest technology available from whoever or wherever the current dangers may come. Once upon a time that might have been a uniformed guard at the door brandishing a sword.

Today’s intruder takes a stealthier approach, but the potential damage is immense, so it is more essential than ever that your business is kept safe and secure. Investing in this area is a wise step and if you are looking options for alternative methods of financing, GRENKE Ireland can help. Their broad range of experience ensures you get the best options for your situation.

The demand for cast iron data security equipment is indisputable but businesses should beware of putting their focus entirely on potential cyber breaches and taking their eye off the essential nature of physical security. stated that both are equally important, and your business is still vulnerable to on site threats. 

Securing your physical assets doesn’t necessarily mean extreme or expensive measures but to ensure you are comprehensively protected, staying up to date on advances in technology is vital. As with so many areas of business, the evolution of technology in the area of security is moving at an unprecedented rate. One of the many benefits of leasing equipment is that it allows you to stay up to date with the most advanced systems and technologies. Below are three examples of futuristic technology which may be applicable to your business.

Secure your business from the outside in

It might seem obvious but monitoring and restricting who enters and exits a building, or area is essential. Smart access control is an innovation which takes this to a new level, beyond card readers and keypads. These multi-layered systems combine biometrics and video monitoring to ensure accurate authentication and prevent unauthorised entry.

Embrace hi-tech surveillance

Surveillance cameras have also taken a leap into the future and now high-definition video cameras can be installed almost instantly without lengthy fitting processes. Features like licence plate readers, wireless video transmission, two-way audio and infrared capabilities makes surveillance is more accurate and secures your site. Some are completely portable adding an extra option. Clear signage warning any would-be intruder that cameras are in place and can act as a deterrent

Robot Security Guards

Leaping straight from big screen sci-fi movies, unmanned robot security guards can replace or supplement ‘real’ security guards. According to Coruzant they come equipped with data gathering sensors so they can recognise facial features and provide low-level surveillance.  Give your physical business premises and assets a quick security audit. You might be surprised at the vulnerabilities you could identify. Once you know what you need to do to be more secure, it’s time to put a comprehensive security plan in place and talk to a funder like GRENKE Ireland who provide alternative methods to financing equipment and leasing technology to ensure you can implement it without delay.

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