With the rapid growth in technology the world and its workforce has evolved at an astonishing rate. Covid has further boosted the change in the way we work, forcing us to rely on technology more than ever before. Slowly but surely, we are starting to return to the office and as we integrate it’s clear it won't be business as usual. 

There are many tasks to accomplish and pitfalls to avoid in the workplace as we adapt to the new normal. These tasks include IT checklists, employee operations and integration. Technology such as computers, phones and video conference systems.

Much of this technology revolves around making changes to your infrastructure so that employees can have remote access. Many firms have started using collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and One drive  

Coordination with the IT team will be crucial to a smooth transition back to the office. Workers will need to be set up in various locations since offices have to meet regulation and hygiene rules. This could potentially lead to the requirement for more equipment such as computers, printers, desks, chairs or monitors. Your IT teams will also be able to set up workstations and maintain connection and communication for people in their homes if they are in isolation. 

Hygiene is now crucial not just to businesses but to every work environment in the world at this current time. Soap and hand sanitizers are of course recommended along with PPE such as masks and even in some work environments visors. Offices must also provide more stationery so that people are not sharing or borrowing from one another. 

One large piece of equipment many offices are relying tremendously on for protection are plexiglass screens that stand between people who may have to work in close proximity to each other. These screens are large and quite expensive, which is why many businesses question buying them permanently as there may come a day when they are no longer needed. 

Procurement is another area that has been adversely affected. Procurement was never thought of as needing a strategic process however now organisations have had to modify their procurement process to allow for less human contact and to make preparations for supply chain difficulties. Software's such as Precure Wizard and OneMarket are being used by companies in order to better manage their supply chains and minimise room for error. 

Many businesses are struggling to adapt or stay afloat and unfortunately, they have resorted to cutting their most precious asset which is their people. According to David Pennino in his interview with Forbes this is a massive mistake.

David recommends that organisations try and adjust their pricing first before making changes in staff. It is important for businesses to look at everything they are buying and decide what they can live without. Then they must look at what they can pay less for or how they can find a better solution to finance what they pay for.  

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