Technology has impacted on almost every business sector and the leisure/fitness industry is no exception. The tracking devices and smart fitness equipment which is now the norm would have been unimaginable just a few short decades ago. Wearable smart devices track activity and fitness goals, providing remarkably detailed data. Smart fitness equipment uses innovative tech to provide informed data and can reinvigorate jaded members with fresh challenges. Customer relations software or CRM has transformed membership management in leisure centres and gyms. 

The fitness industry underwent a revolution during the enforced lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, in its wake, many of the responses to lockdown have become an integral part of the gym, leisure centre and fitness professional businesses. The profession was challenged to deliver fitness training remotely via Zoom or other similar interfaces and discovered both new potential and new challenges for the industry. Classes moved outside as users sought an alternative to close quarters indoors. People invested in their own equipment and demand went through the roof for everything from bicycles to treadmills. Today many gyms offer a hybrid membership where some classes are online and others delivered in person. 

All of this provides both challenge and opportunity to the fitness industry. The challenge is to stay relevant to existing members and attract new ones with a fitness business that’s got a definite edge over home workouts. The opportunity is to take advantage of the new interest in health and fitness. The first step is to understand your audience and know who your particular business appeals to. Then you need to make sure you have what your target audience wants and provide it at the optimum price. Is your premises well presented, nicely appointed and attractive to users? Have you the space to provide the classes you want to offer? Are your instructors highly trained and engaging communicators? Is your hybrid membership offering fit for purpose? Is your equipment up to date and offering the technical feedback your clients demand? 

While it is important to stay at the perceived cutting-edge of trends, it is equally important not to commit to a short lived fashion which quickly becomes obsolete and a costly drain on resources. This is where leasing can be a very attractive option. It allows you to invest in the best equipment without spending vast amounts of capital and to upgrade equipment without having to sell on the old machinery to fund the new. Leasing agreements mean you are paying out a regular planned amount each month while having the use of the hi-tech equipment your gym needs. 

If you think it’s time to upgrade equipment and technology within your fitness business, talk to GRENKE today. You are the expert in fitness and leisure – we are the experts in finance and leasing options. Let’s work together to build your fitness business now.