Augmented Reality (AR) is the art of superimposing digital content over a live view of the world. AR integrates digital information with a user's environment in real time and in recent years has become more accessible and affordable for many different industrial applications. One such industry is supply chain management. 

When we think of supply chain management we think of a complicated sequence of processes involving the production and distribution of commodities. However, in recent years the supply chain industry has been revolutionised with the integration of AR and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Many companies have already moved to automate their front line purchase processes, and it is predicted that more warehouses and distribution centres will start to incorporate AR and AI technologies to create a more efficient and streamlined process. 

By incorporating these technologies supply chain management will become more of a smooth-running, self-regulated unity that can optimally manage end-to-end workflows without the need for long periods of human intervention. AR technologies can pick up on flaws in the system that the human eye may see as ‘perfect’ and work to solve the solution in real-time as well as update the system in the background allowing engineers to focus on different aspects of the business.

Automating the industry isn’t about lowering the cost of labour, but creating an opportunity for companies to deep dive into data and create end-to-end visibility into their own supply chain. This visibility opens up huge opportunities, by lowering risks and letting the company become more strategic. 

Is your company involved in the supply chain industry? Have you considered automatically correcting issues with the use of AR and AI technologies? Leveraging AR technology will allow your business to thrive and equipment leasing can help you do that, then the team at Grenke are here to support and guide you through that process. 

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