In today's society, inclusivity and accessibility are crucial considerations for educational institutions. Every student deserves equal opportunities to thrive and succeed, regardless of their physical abilities. However, creating an accessible school environment can be a complex undertaking, often requiring significant investments in equipment and infrastructure. This is where Grenke, with its specialized equipment leasing and financing solutions, can play a pivotal role in helping schools enhance accessibility and foster an inclusive educational experience.

Ensuring school accessibility goes beyond mere compliance with legal requirements; it encompasses a commitment to providing an environment that caters to the diverse needs of students with disabilities. By promoting inclusivity, schools can empower disabled students to participate fully in academic, social, and extracurricular activities, fostering their personal growth and academic achievements.


Be more wheelchair-friendly:

Disabled children who use wheelchairs often encounter significant challenges when it comes to accessing classrooms or school buildings independently. This issue emphasises the necessity for schools to proactively install suitable access ramps and lifts, ensuring comprehensive wheelchair accessibility throughout the entire school premises.

Wheelchair storage rooms are specifically designated spaces where wheelchairs and powerchairs can be safely stored when not in use. These dedicated areas are particularly crucial for schools that have students who rely on wheelchairs during specific times, such as transitioning between lessons, and who transfer to a different chair while in the classroom.


Supporting Students with Visual Impairments:

Enhancing accessibility in schools for students with visual impairments requires specific considerations. Here are some recommendations that any school can implement to create a more inclusive learning environment:

  • Large Print and Braille Materials:

Enabling visually impaired students to access information independently is crucial. Schools can enhance accessibility by providing learning materials in large print and braille formats. 

  • Multi-Sensory Learning Approaches:

Promoting multi-sensory learning experiences can greatly benefit students with visual impairments. Schools can enhance accessibility by presenting information in audio formats and offering hands-on demonstrations whenever possible. 

  • Optimised Lighting and Spacious Classrooms:

Creating optimal lighting conditions in classrooms is essential for visually impaired students. Well-lit spaces reduce barriers and enhance visibility. Additionally, maintaining spacious and clutter-free classrooms minimizes trip hazards. 


Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities:

To enhance the accessibility of schools for students with learning disabilities, it is vital to take into account their unique needs. By considering the individual needs of students with learning disabilities and implementing changes such as quiet rooms, diverse assessment methods, and sensory rooms, schools can create a more inclusive and accessible learning environment.

  • Quiet Areas:

Designating specific quiet rooms can create an environment conducive to focused learning for students who thrive better without distractions. Grenke's leasing services can provide support to schools in establishing these specialized spaces.

  • Varied Assessment Methods:

Incorporating diverse assessment methods beyond written work is essential. Schools can encourage verbal responses or the use of diagrams as alternative assessment approaches. Grenke offers leasing options for equipment and technology that facilitate these diverse assessment methods.

  • Sensory Rooms:

Sensory rooms play a significant role in providing sensory stimulation, improving coordination skills, and enhancing student engagement throughout the school day. Grenke's financing solutions can assist schools in equipping sensory rooms with the necessary equipment and resources.


Enhancing Care Facilities:

In certain instances, schools may seek to exceed basic accessibility standards by incorporating equipment that supports students' clinical care while ensuring uninterrupted access to education. Grenke understands the importance of improved care facilities and offers leasing options for essential equipment, for example in changing places.

  • Changing Places:

Standard disabled-access toilets often fall short of meeting the diverse needs of many disabled students in SEN schools. Changing Places facilities offer more comprehensive solutions. With Grenke's leasing services, schools can acquire the necessary equipment, such as ceiling track hoists, changing benches, adjustable sinks, and peninsular toilets, to establish Changing Places facilities that cater to the specific requirements of their students.


Grenke specialises in providing flexible equipment leasing and financing options, making it easier for schools to procure the necessary resources and create an accessible learning environment. Grenke's leasing services enable schools to acquire a wide range of assistive devices such as wheelchair-accessible desks, adjustable classroom furniture, sensory equipment, and specialized software. Leasing options ensure schools can access cutting-edge technology without the burden of upfront costs.


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