Information technology is tied to nearly every business process, from customer engagement and employee productivity to sales and marketing. Given the rapidly accelerating global digitisation rate, more and more organisations are putting IT at the centre of their business plan, making IT management a crucial part of running a business.


How to manage IT?

IT or information systems management represents how your company’s IT infrastructure is organised. In other words, IT management refers to the governance and monitoring of information systems, from hardware and software to networks.


From this definition, IT management might seem like it's all about servicing, repairing and maintaining IT systems. But there is much more to IT management than routine maintenance and the occasional component repair or replacement. General IT management encompasses the following activities and responsibilities:


  • Determining and matching business requirements with digital capabilities

  • Procuring, implementing and integrating new hardware and software

  • Maximising digital performance using the available resources

  • Managing and optimising IT costs and budgets

  • Controlling and allocating digital resources for fair and optimal utilisation

  • Ensuring systems, data, network and user security

  • Preserving compliance with data safety and privacy regulations

  • Providing helpdesk or technical support

  • Training employees on using digital systems efficiently and safely


CIOs and technical teams really have their work cut out when it comes to managing corporate IT systems. And all this work requires highly skilled, tech-savvy minds to pull off. Many entrepreneurs turn to managed IT services providers (MSPs) to get around hiring expensive IT professionals, who are hard to come by anyway. An MSP takes over your IT management responsibilities for just a fraction of what it’d cost to run an in-house IT department.


Why is IT management so important?

In today's fast-paced, data-centric world, a big part of business success hinges on digital performance, while IT management underpins technical KPIs. A well-managed IT infrastructure improves your enterprise’s efficiency and customer satisfaction by simplifying decision-making and enhancing product/service delivery. Digital prowess also sharpens your competitive edge.


Here are three key IT management areas that directly impact long-term and short-term business success:


  1. Maximising IT Return on Investment (ROI): Part of strategic IT management is balancing IT spending and output to get the best possible ROI. This means adopting max-value assets that align perfectly with the business’s goals and constraints. Ultimately, it’s about realising tangible business value to justify your digital investments.

  2. Optimising digital performance: An IT manager makes the most of what they have while considering that business’s unique digital needs. The point of optimising digital performance is to ensure that the IT infrastructure meets all its requirements and expectations, and does so using the smallest digital footprint.

  3. Guaranteeing security: A report shows that most cyberattacks target Small-to-Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) and 60 percent of those attacked go out of business within six months. This is the dark side of relying on digital systems; the slightest security oversight can devastate your entire company.


Bolstering IT management with GRENKE

IT management is mostly about having and utilising all the right tools, at the right time and for the right reasons. But financial constraints sometimes get in the way of proper IT management. Thankfully, GRENKE is here to help you overcome any financial hurdles on your path to IT and business growth. Take advantage of our safe and convenient IT asset financing and leasing options to power your IT management.


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