All business owners are acutely aware of the drastic rises in electricity prices over the course of last year and it has caused many to reconsider their energy choices as they look to move to a more cost effective solution, a solution that is also sustainable and of real benefit to the environment amidst the everpresent climate change crisis.

Whilst on-site renewables are the way forward for many businesses, the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow. Therefore, one of the key challenges involving alternative power sources is storing what they produce at scale. In relation to this, scientists have developed a battery containing organic polymers that can cope with the fluctuations that result in renewable energy generation due to changing weather conditions.

As an energy device batteries are indispensable, they make many of our most important daily items portable and more convenient. Moreover, they play a crucial role in the fight against climate change as we strive to create a carbon neutral economy in the EU by 2050. As EU policymakers focus on raising our ambition for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, batteries have steadily been moving to the forefront of the discussion, not only due to the rapid rise of e-mobility, but also to their capacity to balance supply and demand within the electricity system.


How would battery storage systems help my business?


  • Save money 

Moving to more renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power is the first step toward a business that is more sustainable and more lucrative. While making this step it is important to consider how the energy is going to be stored. It is important to implement an optimal storage system for your renewable energy source so you have a supply to lean on when needed. Operating with your renewable energy source in this way using battery systems will allow your company to reduce its reliance on the grid and save money in the long term as the systems will need little to no maintenance in the future and a limited impact on your bottom line. These savings will allow business owners to spend their savings on more pertinent issues.


  • Benefits of on-site generation 

If you combine storage with a source of on-site generation, such as solar panels (link solar power article here), the potential to save money is enhanced. When you’re self sufficient or semi sufficient in solar or wind power, you’re immune from billing spikes and inflation. The incorporation of battery storage for your business will allow you to control your usage and provide peace of mind that there will be a reliable source of energy available when the sun isn’t shining.  

  • Back up your business  

These battery storage systems also mean your business is less vulnerable to power cuts and other outages. Productivity is threatened during periods of power outages as it can severely limit your ability to work and thus, cost you money in the long run. Therefore, batteries offer a backup solution, separating you from the grid in the event of a power cut or poor connection, giving you the confidence that your business won’t stop and you won’t end up losing money from situations out of your control.


  • Help the environment along the way 

We are in the midst of a climate change crisis and it is important that we as a population do something before it’s too late. To limit increasing temperatures to a maximum of 1.5°c, drastic changes need to be made by 2030. This includes renewables needing to supply 70-80% of global electricity demand rather than fossil fuels. With the aforementioned benefits and the importance of our climate’s health, it is really important to consider renewable energy sources and an extensive battery storage system to match as we look to be part of a low-carbon future.


  • Battery Storage is accessible 

The renewable energy landscape has changed in recent years. Solar and wind power accompanied by renewable battery storage are now cheaper, easier to install, and more accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises with help of leasing experts such as Grenke. Grenke can provide all the necessary equipment to businesses that want to use renewable batteries to store electricity and benefit from its many advantages without any major upfront costs.

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