While some individuals may feel threatened by the addition of modern technology to the surveying industry, these solutions are actually empowering the next generation of surveying professionals, allowing them to do significantly more with the data they gather.

Drone Technology
Drone technology has seen increasing usage in recent years in both personal and professional settings. In fact the surveying industry has seen significant growth in the use of drone technology due to the range of applications that it provides. 

Drones are capable of conducting visual and thermographic surveys of tall buildings and areas which may be hard or even dangerous to reach. This is one of the main advantages of such technology as it improves employee safety while also supplying clients with quicker reporting and accuracy. With relative ease drones can cover large surface areas in a short amount of time, cross difficult terrain, and access previously inaccessible locations.

There’s little worry that this technology can replace humans, instead it gives surveyors the opportunity to conduct their day-to-day tasks with relative ease and increased efficiency, gather useful information such as high-resolution images for future consideration and use their time on more challenging tasks.

Augmented Reality
Augmented reality (AR) in combination with 3D visualisations can create useful and effective resources for the reference and/or training of surveyors. The addition of AR can provide clients with a better sense of a building or space using realistic rendering prior to its actual construction. What’s more, AR gives surveyors the opportunity to see how a plan is likely to affect the surrounding environment.

A number of firms have already explored the potential of AR during the training process. By allowing prospective surveyors to view a real-time simulated environment, they hope to improve the efficiency and speed at which many trainees successfully complete their inductions.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) has already made its way into the surveying industry and individuals are beginning to benefit from machine learning to complete day-to-day tasks. For example, AI has been used in data analysis which has several practical applications for quality control assessments. By utilising theoretical techniques, AI can successfully optimise the process and effectively account for any logistical issues well in advance. This results in significant savings being made once the project finally reaches the building phase and reduces the opportunity of human error.

Ultimately, a better understanding of modern technologies will provide surveyors with the knowledge needed to improve their work, adding to the efficiency and productivity of projects. While this technology is really important, price can often be a stumbling block for many firms, particularly startups. To compete with other firms, it is important to leverage modern technology within your business. Grenke can provide affordable leasing solutions to those who want to benefit from this technology, but may not have the capital available to purchase the necessary software outright.

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