There is a lot to do before you are ready to open your store to customers, choose a location, obtain inventory, hire employees, and set up a point of sale (POS) system. We know that this can be a stressful time in your business journey so we’re making the last part easier with this guide to POS hardware. 


What hardware you will need to run your store?


POS terminal 

Today POS systems can be installed onto tablets or mobile devices. 

A tablet is useful in a retail setting as it is a sleek and mobile alternative to a stationary bulky computer. Its larger screen facilitates easy access to products, and customer profiles as well as tracking inventory and processing transactions. 

Smartphones can also be used as POS systems with the benefit of using the camera as the barcode scanner. Being much smaller than a tablet it is a great option for pop-up shops where you need the flexibility to accept payments with minimal hardware. 


Barcode Scanner

A barcode scanner is a faster alternative to manually searching for products in your POS system. It is a portable device with a laser scanner, used to serve customer orders and conduct inventory counts. 


Card Reader

Card readers are payment terminals used to process card transactions. Many card readers now have NFC technology which allows your customers the option to use contactless pay


Cash Drawer 

Cash drawers are used to store your cash, when transitions are made the draw will open to allow you to process a customer's order. Some POS systems such as Shopify have a built-in cash tracker that will track your transactions and balance your cash drawer faster. 


Receipt Printer

A receipts printer is a small countertop device that prints receipts for your customers containing information such as items purchased, product prices, tax amounts, and when and where the transaction took place. 


Barcode Label Printer

This is a specialised printer used to print barcode labels for your product tags. Paired with a barcode scanner this will help you process your customer's transactions faster. 


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