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Choice Invoice Finance

Do some of your customers have very long payment periods? Don’t wait any longer; you set the timeframe – with Choice Invoice Finance.  We take on invoice pre-financing for the debtors that you specify beforehand.

Get started now

Invoice pre-financing allows you to make your own liquidity decisions and gives you a host of other benefits.


You will receive payment within 24 hours.


You decide which of your accounts receivable we take on.


Once a credit check comes back positive, we will fund to the approved limits.


You’re not tied to your customers’ payment periods.

Give yourself financial independence

Cashflow is key to running your business.  Often it can be dependent on your customers’ payment terms. With Invoice Finance, you can make yourself financially independent to make your choices for your business. 

Your ideas won’t wait either

There is a lot riding on your decisions and plans, such as your next steps or whether you meet your deadlines. Postponing things is often not an option. Choice Invoice Finance gives you the financial freedom that you need.


Just leave the collections to us. You decide which debtors to include.


In return, you will receive your payment from us within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.

How Choice Invoice Finance works

1. You decide which debtors you want to include in receivables management.
2. You transfer the relevant accounts receivable and invoices to us.
3. The desired amount will be paid out to you within 24 hours.
4. We will take on accounts receivable management for you, including credit checks, invoice pre-financing, reminders and the assumption of the risk of default following a positive credit check.

How do you decide?

Is Invoice Finance right for you? Take our test and find out.


Do you often receive your money late?

Do you invest a lot of time and energy in chasing payments?

Would you sometimes like to have more financial flexibility?

Could you negotiate better discounts if you had better cashflow?

Would you like to offer your customers more attractive payment terms?



Invoice Finance is the perfect solution for you. Find out more about how what we have to offer could make your company’s services even better.




You don’t need any improvements to your cash flow. Feel free to take a look at our other solutions and products.



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Choice Invoice Finance gives you liquidity when you need it. What can our other Invoice Finance products do for you?

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Choice Invoice Finance

Assumption of complete accounts receivable management
Pre-financing for specific invoices
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Credit checks for entire customer bases
Credit checks for selected accounts receivable

GRENKE: experience builds trust

We have been helping entrepreneurs with pre-financing for decades. Their trust is our top priority.

Cashflow for business

The following question is what drives us: How can we help businesses to make their ideas a reality? The answer is with products that are tailored to their needs. Like Choice Invoice Finance, for example – a solution that provides fast, flexible access to cash.

Fast. Flexible. Finance

Are you convinced yet? Give Invoice Finance a try with our GRENKE Cashflow Optimizer.

GRENKE Cashflow Optimizer

There are just a few steps to successful invoice pre-financing with our online tool. How does it work? It couldn’t be easie; upload your invoice and sign the purchase agreement digitally. Once it has passed our credit checks, you will receive your money within 24 hours. Try it out for yourself.

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