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Liquidity for Start Ups

Three things count in the early days: the will to achieve something, the people behind you and having sufficient financial resources. GRENKE can take care of the latter for you.

Money when you need it

Start Ups in particular grow at a rapid rate. That means that they have to spend a lot more on equipment, resources and salaries. Yet very few founders have any kind of financial cushion that they can fall back on when money gets tight. With GRENKE, you will remain able to make your payments at all times.

Keeping you liquid

Liquidity is important for entrepreneurs. For those who are still making their way there, it is absolutely essential. That’s why we have developed special services for Start Ups in the form of our liquidity solution. Speak to your dedicated GRENKE solutions manager to discuss the options open to you. 

Advantages GRENKE offers you

These are the benefits that await you when you entrust us with your liquidity.


We’ll process your request quickly and without miles of red tape.


Solutions matched to your Start Up rather than straight off the peg.


Your GRENKE contact person is always here for you.


You can be financially ready for anything even without a cushion.

What our solutions can do for you

Mixing with the big names

A Start Up makes smartphone charging stations out of wood. A major smartphone manufacturer sells the charging stations. Unfortunately, it has a long payment period.

The Start Up uses Invoice Finance to fill in the financial gaps.

How we can help you

We give you the financial freedom you need with the following products.