Our world is changing. We are seeing businesses diversify and new equipment assets being leased.

Have your business equipment requests changed suddenly? Here are GRENKE, we look at some of the trends in asset leasing that have emerged over the past few weeks and offer our best solutions in helping you getting back to your office safely.

We have seen major shifts in the working environment and of course the on-going priority of safety of employees and customers:
Look at just some of the equipment that has been requested by our leasing teams:

  • External Temperature Thermometers
  • Phone system upgrades
  • IT upgrades; Mobile business phone systems and laptops with the shift to working from home
  • Steam & pressure washers
  • IT Servers and firewalls to keep businesses ticking
  • Contactless hand sanitizing units, gel dispensers, door handle sanititizers
  • Digital signage
  • Heat sensing CCTV
  • Robotic hoovers
  • Washing machines, dryers and bedpan disinfectors for care homes.

Have you considered leasing such products for your office or work environment?

At GRENKE we offer leasing solutions to businesses across the Globe. With leasing options from as little as €500, local teams and fast online digital systems, we are here for you.

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The world of equipment leasing is here to aid suppliers offer greater financial solutions for their customers. Allowing customers manage their critical business equipment in a planned way and to make diversifying or recovery aiding investments… keeping capital where it is needed the most, in the business.

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