For medium sized enterprises it really makes sense to consider leasing instead of purchasing when it comes to investment in equipment. It really can be the smart choice for business growth and the one that helps your business thrive. It is vital to ensure that you choose the right leasing company to work with you and who has your best interests at heart. GRENKE is experienced and has flexible options that are sure to suit your specific needs. One size definitely does not fit all where leasing is concerned.

Let’s have a look at five benefits of leasing equipment for your business: 

1.    The single greatest reason recommending leasing is that you don’t have to commit large amounts of capital at once into an outright purchase. Instead, the lease allows your business to spread out the cost of a purchase for months or even years depending on the expense involved and the repayment plan. Leases through GRENKE are flexible so the plan we put together is one that suits you and suits the stage your business is at.
2.    You control your cashflow and know exactly what repayments you need to make and when you will be making them. This makes planning cashflow much easier to do which in turn has a positive impact on how your business operates and its potential to grow and flourish.
3.    Because you aren’t paying the full amount up front you can afford to get top-of-the-range equipment which might not otherwise be possible. Additionally, you won’t get ‘stuck’ with a poor choice of equipment which might swiftly become obsolete if new technology is developed. Instead, you will be in the comfortable position of being able to upgrade frequently and keep abreast of progress and tech development as it happens.
4.    In many lease agreements, both repair and maintenance are included in the regular payment which leaves your business in an ideal situation where there are no unexpected repair or maintenance costs to cover.
5.    There may be tax benefits to leasing which don’t apply to equipment purchased outright. Again, this is an ongoing benefit for your business. 

Almost every piece of equipment you might use in your business is available for lease, whether you’re in the manufacturing, medical device, construction, or pretty much any other industry. When you’re not paying a large sum up front, it frees you to look at your competitors and see how you might use leasing to grow or expand your business. Can you offer a new service to bring in additional clients? Can you use technology to speed up and improve your systems? Would a new piece of equipment transform your business? The sky really is the limit. 

If your business is established and has a good credit rating, leasing will be readily available to you. You then need to decide what type of lease you want and GRENKE are the experts in helping you make that choice.