Leasing IT infrastructure on finance is certainly an effective way to reduce some of the upfront costs of building your asset architecture, but these costs can still be scaled back further. Read on for five tips on how to further reduce the costs of asset management, thus streamlining your business and leveraging the very best from these assets.


Choose the Right Software

It's difficult to keep track of all of those assets on your own. As your asset roster grows, this difficulty increases until manual processes are no longer enough. This is why asset management software can make all the difference, helping you to keep on top of the IT infrastructure and other assets you lease. With an asset management platform, you can access data on deployment duration, time since last maintenance check, performance information and other relevant areas. With this information, you can control and reduce the ongoing costs of asset management. 


Be Proactive with Repair and Maintenance

Each of your assets has its own maintenance cycle — a schedule of regular checkups and assessments that keep the equipment working at its best. This is true for assets on finance contracts as well as those purchased outright. By adhering to the ongoing maintenance schedule and being proactive, you can eliminate more sizeable costs further down the line — for example, large-scale repair or replacement costs.


Draw Upon Data

Data is your friend when you are leasing assets on finance. We've already touched on some of the datapoints you can be leveraging above, but this is just scratching the surface — there are plenty of other areas of information you should consider tracking. User behaviour data, time taken for task completion, security incidents, points of integration with other solutions — all of these pieces of data, as well as others, can provide insight into how the infrastructure is performing and how this can be enhanced in the future to reduce costs.


Maintain a Spare Part Inventory

There are other costs to consider here, such as the cost of downtime that results when solutions are out of action. Sourcing spare parts and then installing these can be time-consuming, making it difficult for organisations to maintain adequate levels of business continuity. Maintaining a spare part inventory streamlines the repair and replacement process and minimises downtime.


Ensure All Personnel Are On Side

The whole team needs to be aware of why it is important to reduce the cost of asset management and what they can do to achieve this. By fostering high levels of engagement within your team, you are encouraging personnel to act with the interests of your business in mind. With transparency, communication and a positive workplace atmosphere, this widespread engagement is not so difficult to achieve and can lead to reduced costs once behaviours are modified.


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