Electronic Signatures — Good for the Environment, Business, and Health
Electronic signatures allow for signing without printing, scanning, and mailing paper documents. This provides a host of benefits for those seeking signatures and those signing requested paperwork, including the ones outlined below:

Pros of eSignatures

  • Fast and cost-effective completion — documents can be signed and returned quickly.
  • They eliminate the need for paper, which reduces the demand for cutting down trees and is kinder to the environment. 
  • Lower carbon emissions and carbon footprints as the need for travel to a meeting or an attorney’s office for wet signatures is eliminated. 
  • Digital files mean efficient storage and less chance of things getting lost.
  • Dual authentication confirms the identity of a signatory, providing increased security and making signatures harder to forge.
  • Because there is no need to meet in person, the process is 100% COVID-safe.


Electronic signatures continuously outperform their traditional counterparts in terms of supporting business, health, the environment, and crime reduction. Consider these benefits next time you need documents signed off and make use of eSignatures if appropriate.